To Finding Someone Just As Wild To Run With

We hit the ground running to say the least! As soon as we met the adventures started….

We met locally in Rochester New York, finding out we had only lived 3 miles away from each other for a few years, yet never known each other. Our first date was drinks at a bar. One drink turned into closing the bar down. Our second date, we decided to add in some food…Dinner, then drinks at the bar. Because were mature adults, we decided date number 3 should not include the bar, so we opted for a movie. Ryan slept through the movie. So here we are at date number 4. Ryan picks me up at my house running at me with Nerf Guns. After the driveway battle (I won) we proceeded to Adventure Landing. If your town doesn’t have one, it is full of mini gulf, arcade games and prizes. After a few hours of the best date of my life, (besides losing in Dance Dance Revolution) we head to where else? The bar. Per usual we were drunk. What a way to get to know someone right? Somehow our love for traveling came up. Which followed by a “You wont book a cruise with me!” (Ryan’s dare!) ……after a double dog dare, we booked a cruise. Right there on our fourth date….at the bar. No trip insurance, nothing. In 3.5 weeks we would head to Mexico. Right then I knew he was just as insane as me! I had never even been to his house before and now I was gonna be trapped in a room with this guy!

Thankfully the next 3.5 weeks went as least awkwardly as I guess it could go. We left as friends with no official “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” title, and came back dating. We also came back in love, yet neither one of us would say it for awhile. I remember getting home from the cruise and calling my sister saying “I’m going to marry him” and her laughing and saying “yeah right Christine, slow down”

From there we traveled numerous times to different states and countries, moved in together, and on our 9 month anniversary he proposed in France! Add in a move across the country for a short stint in Rossville Georgia, 3 years in Chattanooga Tennessee, 6 months in Utica, NY, all to come full circle back to Rochester! All this with two crazy dogs (#adoptdontshop) and two fixer upper houses, now maybe you have an idea of how insane our lives are!

It been a crazy 4 years together and we’ve made it our goal in life to travel as often and far as possible. We’re here to take you along for the ride, with things we’ve learned in and about each city, and other travel tips were acquired! We seem to have found the talent of finding insanely cheap vacations, so never hesitate to seek our skills to help book your trip! Here’s to a lifetime of adventures together!

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