Amsterdam was our first European Country. We stayed for 2 days. We were pleasantly surprised of the beauty in this city because all we imaged was the Red Light District and legalized Marijuana. While both exist, the city has some of the most beautiful buildings, canals, an exciting attractions out there. As with our first stop in Europe, it was also our first time staying in a hostel. We landed in Amsterdam around 8pm on a Wednesday. The streets were surprisingly filled with people. We took a metro to our stop and walked under a half mile to our hostel that we had prebooked on We found it very easy to navigate the city on foot, and felt safe walking at night time in the tourist areas.

About Us

Our love for adventure brought us together, but our views of the world, and similar goals in life, will keep us enjoying each day together, for the rest of our lives. Here’s to a lifetime of adventures!

Best Food in Amsterdam:

Bitterballen: Deep-fried balls with meat fillings, usually beef and seasonings. Can be eaten at anytime, but we found it mostly as a bar snack! Think of a mozzarella stick with a meatball in it instead, YUM!

Patat Frites:  French Fries with a variety of difference sauce choices for the top. The main choice being mayonnaise! In our opinion, they were worth the try, but nothing special.

FEBO: A walk up fast food wall. You use coins to remove you food from the compartment and a worker in the back refills the space with another hot item. Think like a constantly fresh vending machine. We were OBSESSED! Many fried object full of meat and cheese, as well as some burger choices. Definitely worth a try!

Coffee:  This is where our espresso obsession started! Seemed to be 10x stronger than espresso in the states, and we got hooked!

Where to Stay in Amsterdam:

We stay at our first ever hostel in Amsterdam (booked on It was a multiple bunk room and our cheapest stay we’ve ever done. If you are looking for the most inexpensive stay for a single person, your’e on the younger side, a hostel is probably your best way to go. If you and a significant other are splitting costs, A private room hostel or an  would be our suggestion. (That is totally personal preference, there is no reason a couple cant stay in a multiple bunk room.) When booking any type of accommodations, I google the city center: LEIDSEPLEIN SQUARE and find our stay in that vicinity! Here was my find for our Amsterdam based on all of these factors!


Flying Pig Downtown Hostel


Centrally Located


Helpful Staff

Bar inside

Offers Queensize Bunks

Extra Large Lockers

24 hour front desk

Young crowd


Toliets on different level

How to Travel in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is one of the easiest cities to navigate! There are multiple different ways to get into the city center, aka LEIDSEPLEIN SQUARE. When we landed at the airport, the metro is located directly under the airport and it runs 24/7.  We took the train to the city center which is stop Leidseplein, it was about a 15-20 minute ride. The cost is roughly $3.70 usd and you can purchase your ticket right there before you board. Once you make it to the city center, pretty much anything you could hope to find is within a 20 minute walk!

Other options:

UBER – cost varies.

AIRPORT EXPRESS BUS–  cost $7.25-12.55 usd

Is It Safe in Amsterdam:

We found it to feel very safe! We felt fine walking around at night and contrary to previous things we had read about walking through the red light district, we felt no sense of concern! The locals are extremely friendly and most seem to speck English. It is a beautiful city and we would continue to go back time and time again.

According to the United States Gov Travel, The Netherlands is listed as a Level 2 in Safety. (Click here to learn more.)

*With all that being said: you are still in a foreign country, there is increased terrorism in the world today, and tourist in general are known to be targeted in any country. To keep yourself safe always beware of large crowds, beware of groups coming up to you trying to get a petition signed, keep your money and valuables hidden from pick pocketers, split your money up so it is not all in one locations, have copies your passports both at home and with you. With any serious concern contact your countries embassy.*

Things to do in Amsterdam:

Heineken Tour: An interactive tour of where Heineken Beer is made. Ending with (what was supposed to be) 2 free beers! However somehow we ended up with about 12 free beers, being drunk and missing our canal boat tour which we had signed up for. Opps? Worth it!

Bars: After our missed boat tour we bar hopped our way back to our hostel. Every single bar we went to people we friendly and talkative. Walking the city at night felt very safe and was easy to find out way around even with some cocktails in us.

Anne Frank House: Tickets $11 pp. I had read the diary of Anne Frank numerous times yet Ryan had never. I personally loved the tour of the attic yet Ryan thought it was just okay. We chalk this up as a recommendation only if you have read it. The lines are very long to get in so go as soon as they open. We arrived a half hour after they opened and still had to wait in line about an hour. In my opinion, definitely worth the wait even tho some of the house and main parts of the book were roped off.

Travel Tips in Amsterdam:

Electronics Voltage in Amsterdam is 220. (America runs on 110)

Currency in Amsterdam is the Euro.


Europe is NOT the United State! If your’e an American like us:

  • Leave the baseball hat at home
  • Wear a more fashion forward shoe when walking around. A “gym sneaker” while not in the gym is a dead give away as an American and can make you a target.
  • Remember that just because it is different than the states, does not make Europe any less advanced of a country.
  • Food is made their way, not your way…..your’e in their country!
  • Remember to get a voltage adapter or compatible electronics.

There’s Two Sides

“If  I could stop here I would say we had a very successful trip to Amsterdam and it was a great city. But sometimes in life you can look back and pin point the exact moment when mistakes were made. This was that moment.”

To Every Story…

“The next snapshot memory I had was being completely drunk and looking at Ryan and both saying “when in Amsterdam!””