Belfast, I still don’t really understand if your are apart of Northern Ireland or the UK. Honestly I didn’t know much about you at all until I visited you. The one thing I did know about you is that you were cheap to fly to from NY and in my book that’s good enough. Christine on the other hand needed more convincing, your history with “the troubles” and somewhat sketchy reviews on the good ole World Wide Web weren’t the most favorable and made my job selling her on it very difficult. But all said and done Christine’s willingness for adventure and even stronger desire for a good deal (or cheapness)  won and off to Belfast we went.

Belfast, you have a lot going for you. You are actually a great place to visit and I would come back and see you again but get your damn wheater under control, it was cold and rainy almost everyday but I’ll let it slide this time.

The people of Belfast were very friendly, almost suspiciously too friendly but I am okay with it you guys. Keep continuing to be nice and screw those hesitant Americans who aren’t sure if they should trust you or clench their pockets and speed walk away from you. Oh and you give great haircuts.

The city of Belfast has a number of different cultures and attractions to see. Fun fact it’s where the Titanic was built and where some of Game of Thrones are filmed. Upon checking into our hostel our room wasn’t ready so the person checking us in showed us to the “living room” and we sat there and talked to a few staff members working at the hostel. One was from Australia, one was an extra in Game of Thrones who said it was absolute Hell, you pretty much stand in the cold and reshoot one scene 50 times and another staff member who really needs to invest in a bra or stop wearing very loose v neck shirts. Overall this hostel was one of the better ones we stayed in, it was a private room and we had no complaints it was in a good location, affordable and clean.

Belfast is a very grungy, hip city. You are not the most beautiful city but you do have a lot to offer. We discovered a lot of great pubs with live music, vegetarian bangers and mash and our first Falafel at Umis (which is amazing) We also went to The Crown Liqour saloon, which dates back to 1826 because Game of Thrones was filming while we were there and rumor has it the cast goes there once in a while. The Crown liqour Saloon was like stepping back in time and played an interesting role during “The troubles”

We ended up doing a tour during our short time in Belfast to Carrick-A-Redo Bridge, Giants Causway and Bushmills Distillery. Which was well worth it, It was pretty much a bus tour that stopped at a few castles along the way and let us out to explore the sites.

Carrick-A-Redo bridge was right up our alley. A sketchy bridge held together by rope and wood connecting two pieces of land about a hundred feet in the air? What more could you ask for. In all honestly it was fun I am glad we did it but it wasn’t as exciting as it sounds. Although the trails around the bridge and scenery was well worth it.

Giants Causway- How these came to be baffles me, it is like nothing I have ever seen before and was well worth the visit. To this day I still don’t know how to describe what Giants Causway is. All I know is it was worth it and I could have spent all day there. There are a number of trials surrounding it which are well worth exploring. Oh and did I mention the sheep? I love sheep

Bushmills Distillery is the oldest whisky distillery in the world, I am not much of a whiskey person but it was definitely interesting. My only regret is not taking the tour of the factory and not having enough time to really see all Bushmills had to offer.

I wish we had more time in Belfast but this was just a short detour to our main attraction (a cruise out of Barcelona) which was cut even shorter when we decided to leave early to catch a train to Dublin so we could catch an earlier flight to Barcelona so we were sure to have enough time to make it to our ship on time. I can see myself going back to this city and having some blurry nights with all the live music and friendly Pubs in the area.

With everything Belfast has to offer I would be shocked if more people don’t start visiting this city. When your driving outside of the city in the countryside it really is beautiful. My advice to everyone is don’t believe what you read on the internet, we felt safe the whole time we were there and would absolutely visit it again.